Giving back to the community is one of the most important things one can do. It has physical and mental benefits as it helps reduce stress which has a positive effect on the immune system. Through volunteering, one gains professional experience and also gets to make new friends, widening their network. Here are ways in which you can become more involved and connect with your community on a philanthropic level.


Ideas for donating are many. It can be clothes, food and any necessity to a children’s home, books to libraries and much more. Donating money is also not a bad idea though actual products get you to interact with the community more.

Be vocal

Being vocal will help you establish a presence which will help you to be heard. Get to know and understand local issues, events, and politics and get involved in the conversations.

Join groups

You can join a group that has the community best interests and help it achieve its mission and vision.

Start a foundation

If you have resources and willing to donate a great deal, you can start a foundation which can be a permanent mark in the community. This requires a great deal of commitment.

Promote and support sports

Organizing local leagues and promoting them is another way to get more involved and connected with your community. Supporting local teams and helping nurture talent will help bring peace and unity in the community.


You can volunteer in many ways. You can volunteer in cleaning the local towns, taking care of the elderly and the less fortunate in the community.

Buy locally

Shop locally. Visit the farmers market, the local groceries and local shops. This will promote the local business people helping raise the standards of living in the community.

Attend local events

Keep on the lookout for local events, be it music festivals, shows, local games and any other locally held event and make a point of going.

Invite locals to your events

Organize, hold, and invite people to your events. You can team up with friends or other members of the community and organize fun fundraising events for a good reason like raising school fees for the orphans in the community.

Being involved with your community gives you a sense of satisfaction and peace as you will be actively involved in making an impact on the community progress. It will also help you to sharpen your skills and up your resume. It actually feels good to be connected to your community.