As I previously observed, the holidays are clearly one of the biggest times of the year for philanthropy. From simple donations to full-fledged volunteer efforts, the period seems to evoke a natural tendency to give back.

However, just because the holidays are over, that does not mean you should halt your philanthropic urges. There are a variety of effective ways to give back in the new year.

Here now are several promising philanthropic methods and ideas to adopt in 2018.


Volunteer at a food bank

Many people talk about giving back to their local food bank in the new year, as there are countless food bank locations across the country, but several fail to actually follow through with such plans. This year, focus on making this involvement a priority. Check your local food bank’s website to find the requirements for volunteering and contact the location as soon as possible. Efforts like this will only make you feel better about yourself knowing you aided those in need of food.


Donate to a health fund

Whether it is cancer, HIV, or ALS, there are countless diseases that continue to plague society without a cure. Many of these diseases have become the focus of charitable foundations focused on funding research, patient treatment, and other philanthropic causes focused on finding a cure and improving patients’ quality of life.


Host your own event

A great way to give back to your community in 2018 is to host your own charitable event. This method is very promising since you can essentially choose any type of event you want; you could organize a 5k or walk, host a community game or movie night, or even conceptualize a fair or other widespread celebration. Just make sure your earned funds are benefiting someone or something in need of charity. A good rule of thumb is to settle on a cause that you understand and are passionate about.